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Market Meetings and Trainings

March Vendor Rep Meeting

March 15, 2022, 3-4 pm
In attendance: Cordelia, Angelina, Sierra, Mary and Kay


  • Change meeting time – third Wednesday of each month from
    • Next meeting May 18th from 3-4 pm
  • Next Quarterly Vendor Meeting – 12:30-1:30 pm at Tuesday Market April 19th
    • Ideas for speaker – Rebecca from LDAF re: FMNP going electronic (does anyone have other ideas?)
    • BBQ Catered Lunch?
  • Easter Sunday Market – Sunday, April 17th
    • T&R – not planning on coming
    • Family holiday – will customers come out?
    • Morning time = church time (not assuming that everyone goes to church → busy time)
  • Sunday at the Great Lawn - May 15th
  • Customer / Vendor Survey
    • Working with Monica Sylvain and Trep Wise to do a big survey for the community
    • What questions would you include?
      • Maddiy: asking customers what needs aren’t being met; what vendors they want to see at market / what days they would like to add a new market; how many markets would you work a week – formulate for what day and time / if you had ability to prepay, would there be discount / market fee decrease to incentive new market opening
      • Kay thinks vendors would answer questions about income in relative terms i.e. did you do better in 2021 than 2022
      • Maddiy: customers have expressed interest in the bywater market
      • How can we incentivize vendors to take the survey? – raffle to waive vendor fee? Take $5 off next market
  • Spring TA Series - starts next week!
    • Beginner farmer rancher development training program
    • Train the train for Market managers – using a scoring system to help vendors improve vendor stalls and measure how change can improve score
  • AHA update (Cordelia)
    • Lobbying for statewide market match
  • New Vendors: LeRuth’s, Robert Williams (Lester Williams’ brother) with produce on Sunday, Williby’s Catfish
  • Labeling requirements
  • Branded merchandise policy
  • Prepared food RFA
  • Please add agenda items here.

February Vendor Rep Meeting

February 15, 2022, 3-4 pm


  • Change meeting time – new meeting time – Sierra will send out a doodle poll
  • Market Closures: March 1st for Mardi Gras
  • New Vendors in the works: Micro Pharms, Cocolon Slaw, Jubilee Justice, Williby’s Catfish and Viola Heritage
    • Prepared Food Vendors RFA
    • Sampling at market again?
  • COVID Testing at Tuesday Uptown Market
  • Labeling Requirements - deadline April 1st, 2022 – flyer will be distributed soon
  • Spring TA Series
    • Sessions: DEAI at market, consumer behavior/marketing to increase sales, food safety at the farmers market from LSU, CRAFT network, storm/hurricane preparedness + resources to get prepared (which includes farm insurance)
  • Quarterly Vendor Meeting plans – getting guest speakers. Recs? Pipeline incl. LDAF re: FMNP going electronic, USDA... sprout farmer resources
    • other examples: bankers for small businesses, farm bureau, etc
  • Producer site visits for board members: who, what, where, when
    • Second round of site visits for Crescent Fund going out this week
    • Heather offered her space up – building a new event barn
    • Terry – potential to see bees, but would have to take safety precautions
  • Thursday Market → diagonal set up to fit more vendors?
  • Please add agenda items here.

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