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COVID-19 Guidelines

Crescent City Farmers Market COVID-19 Operations

Updated: January 7th, 2021

Market/Market Staff:

  • Stay home when sick - staff that arrives at work ill will be sent home.
  • Any staff who has had a positive coronavirus test may not return to work until a negative test result or at least 3 days after symptoms subside, so long as it has been at least 14 days since a positive test
  • Anyone who has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus must quarantine for 14 days and must get a test after 5 days of exposure.
  • Properly wear masks at all times. City and state regulations and recommendations still call for masking in public gathering places.
  • Providing masks free of charge
  • Sanitizing stations made available for customer/vendor/staff use
  • Providing signage that reminds everyone of CCFM “Shop Safely” requirements such as masking, social distancing, reminders not to touch product, etc.
  • Providing signage to vendors to remind customers about social distancing
  • Providing signage to vendors to display accepted payment forms
  • Providing items like caution tape, rope, etc. to help vendors enforce social distancing at vendor stalls
  • Shield placed at Welcome Tent at each market as a barrier between customers and staff
  • Sanitizing POS after each token transaction
  • Frequently sanitize common areas like the restrooms, sanitizer stations, seating if applicable


  • Advised to keep market visit simple and short; please do not linger or congregate in the market space.
  • Households should have no more than one or two people in their shopping group. If possible, leave children and senior family members at home.
  • No pets are permitted in the market.
  • Wear a mask before entering and while in the market space, in accordance with the CDC recommendation regarding the use of cloth face coverings.
  • Sanitize hands when you enter the market space. We have sanitizing stations available!
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other shoppers and vendors, especially when in line. Market managers will be reminding shoppers to keep their distance.
  • Pre-order with your favorite vendors as much as possible for quick and contact-free pickup at the market. If you cannot pre-order, bring your grocery list so you can make your market visit as quick as possible.
  • Do not touch products - allow vendors to assist with purchases
  • Please do not linger at market tents! Aim to get in and out of the market in under 30 minutes.
  • If you are sick, or a member of your family is sick, STAY HOME and use our delivery option or contactless drive thru.
  • No on-site consumption of food (as face masks must be worn at all times) is allowed


  • No sampling will be permitted at the market, and access to condiments, silverware, cup lids, etc. should be restricted and available only on request as on-site consumption of prepared foods is not allowed.
  • Sanitize or wash your hands between customers and change gloves frequently.
  • All vendors MUST WEAR MASKS throughout the day, in accordance with the CDC recommendation regarding the use of cloth face coverings.
  • Assign dedicated staff to manage money only and product only. Consult with market management if you only have one staff member present at market. We want to know so that if you or your staff get busy we can help handle product or run transactions in order to limit the amount of exposure between customers, your product and you or your staff. This will also help expedite customers’ visit to market.
  • Rearrange your market setup to discourage shoppers from entering your tent. Use a rope across your tent, have a display and then give customers back stock items from your vehicle. Customers MUST NOT be allowed to handle and browse products under your tent. Vendors will be required to submit a stall plan that ensures physical distancing between customers and products to market staff for approval before attending market.
  • Implement contactless pay, pre-order/pickup using WhatsGood, and other low-touch or no-touch options as much as possible.
  • Participate in CCFM token economy but can utilize strategies like a shield or cash box to collect payment without contact, exact change only rules to limit interaction, etc.
  • Zero tolerance - vendors who do not comply will not be invited back

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